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All people with a valid driver's license are entitled to enter as drivers. Foreign participants must present the appropriate documents issued by their own countries. Participants less than 18 years old are requested to have their entry form signed by one of their parents.

Passengers are allowed in every vehicle, if requested. They are not entitled to drive but they must be correctly registered on the entry form. Children of 12 or more years or with bodyheight of at least 150cm can be taken along with written agreement of one of the parents and they have to wear a helmet.

We recommend the use of crash helmets ECE standard 22/04, 22/05 or equivalent. For motorcyclists and drivers and all passengers of convertibles the wearing of helmets is mandatory. Furthermore motorcyclists have to wear adequate protective clothing. 

Another condition of entry is a duly registered vehicle. If there are enough participants, we will establish a special group for motorbikes with sidecars and ecomobiles.

In any case, only those vehicles will be accepted which are in safe condition and comply with the German Code of Vehicle Registration (or equivalent other national regulation) and which are not detrimental to the reputation of the "Fahrerlehrgang". Vehicles with preliminary registration numbers are not allowed to participate.

Tires without profile (Slicks) are not allowed. The condition of the vehicles will be inspected. Each participant receives an entry number that must be adhered to both sides of his vehicle.

Routiniers will be nominated according to following rules:

  • 1. Classification on place 1 or 2 within the group or among the top 10 of all participants
  • 2. Classification on place 3-5 within the group 3 times
  • 3. Participation in this (or similar) Driving Schools at the Nürburgring
All participants nominated as routiniers in the past will keep this status.


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