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Insurance and Liability

The organizer has affected a liability insurance contract. Furthermore the organizer all registered drivers and passengers in case of an accident.

5.115,- Euro
Invalidity with progression grading 200 %
25.565,- Euro
Transitional compensation
2.555,- Euro
Rescue costs
1.020,- Euro
Hospital allowance with convalescence allow per day 
10,- Euro

The participants must have a liability insurance for their cars amounting to minimum 1.000.000,- Euro.

By sending the registration the participant confirms, that such a liability insurance is effective and can be proved on request.

Besides the accident insurance which has been effected for the participants, all private german insurances remain valid, since the training and final lap are not evaluated by laptime and for maximum speed.

Participants will be held responsible for personal injuries and damage to property caused by themselves or their passengers and their cars.
The organizer as well as all organizations and injuries involves in the event reject any kind of liability for personal injuries and damages to property happening to the drivers and passengers before, during and after the event.

Due to the typical increased risk for such drivers’ trainings, the participants renounce to enforce the personal injuries and damages for their property, which may have been caused by the organizer or others in most negligent way.

The participants in every respect drive at their own risk and by entering for the event relinquish claims and recourses that go beyond the benefits of the liability insurance.

Furthermore each participant agrees, in case of dispute, to try to come to a friendly, extra-judicial agreement.

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