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Freitag, Januar 21 @ 15:29:44 CET
Re: date- information 2011
Dear Friends of the International Driving School (since 1964) on the Nordschleife,

Once again- in short- the history, why the driving course 2011 is cancelled:

On the 5th of August 2011 the responsible administrator of the Nürburgring GmbH (NAG)
offered us to organize the driving course 2011 from 01.08.11-03.08.11.

We accepted the date and were only waiting for the rental price and for special conditions of 2011.
In the middle of November we had to experience, that the responsible administrator will quit his job at the NAG and that no registration of the named date could be found. Then the registration was found, but three days of performance were not possible any more.

Ca. 50% of our participants are from abroad and also for the other 50% the high travel costs and long times of travelling are the not profitable if the driving school would be that short lived.

Even if we got more and more different offerings and ambivalent informations, we tried very hard to come to a satisfying conclusion with Mr. Lindner; unfortunately that was not possible for 2011.


Nevertheless, a 3- day driving course seems possible for 2012.

We will do our best and I guess that the NAG will also be cooperative. Please keep your fingers crossed for the International Driving School on the Nürburgring!

We are expecting to inform you serviceable and as soon as possible for 2012!

With best racy regards

Werner Briel
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